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Leaving The Light: and loving it

by Justine Renson

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The journal of Justine Renson, former member of The Light - with color photo album
"I will never forget the evening I came over to Elizabeth and Ken’s apartment in New Rochelle to tell them I had -- what? All I remember is I plopped down in one of the armchairs and announced, 'The shit is about to hit the fan.'
I had tried to extricate myself from meetings gradually. I had met Tom in the diner and told him I wanted to go to lectures only. He said I could not go to lectures without going to practice sessions too. He said if he let me do that, then other people would want to do the same thing and he’d have to let them. So I settled and said OK, I would continue going to both sessions and lectures.
I called Tom from Elizabeth’s house -- felt my queasy stomach, took a deep breath and told him I was stopping meetings. This was one of the scariest phone calls I ever made of my entire life. But I did it. I knew I had to. I felt like I was saving my own life, saving my sanity, giving myself permission to have a life, setting myself free from prison. Setting myself free! I did it.
And it was over."
“Leaving The Light is a fast and compelling read. It is the inspiring chronicle of a young woman's struggle to honor her own perceptions and to find her voice in a setting where both were (and still are) forbidden.”
Pam Wood, Relationship Coach
“I am in awe and astounded by what Justy has had to go through to get where she is today! Her courage and perseverance are extraordinary. From the first page of the book, I felt a visceral feeling in my gut which stayed with me through the entire reading… Justy takes us on a deeply personal, courageous and vulnerable journey to the heart of a woman and reveals the strength of her soul's intuition. This is an amazing read for anyone who feels that they may be stuck and have no way out of a situation in their life. If Justy could do it given all the odds presented, anyone can do it.”
Azul Arco Iris, Intuitive Energy Healer
What is The Light?
"The Light is a cult that for all its pleasant, jacket-and-tie exterior, thrives on instilling deep fear, paranoia, shame and dread in its members from early childhood until death." The Light originated in London in the late 1920s and is now headquartered in Manhattan.
About the Author
Justine is a writer, speaker, dancer, singer, mother, energy healing practitioner, intuitive counselor, feminist, queer-friendly self-questioner, theater-lover, gardener, farmer, seashore lover, leader, cult survivor, 12 step recoverer, greysheeter, shamanic healing practitioner, graduate of transformation programs, sister goddess, orgasmic meditation practitioner, age reversal coach, memoir writing coach, Reiki Master, yoga instructor, Kali-lover, former group fitness instructor, former personal trainer, one-time triathlete, poet, perpetual student, cook, retreat-goer, traveler, francophile, creatrix -- not necessarily in that order. And more than all that.




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Leaving The Light: and loving it Justine Renson















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